KBM can provide deep cleaning & disinfecting services when you have a bacteria or viral outbreak at your business or if you just want to have preventative disinfecting. Unlike our standard janitorial service that provides general disinfecting in various areas, our disinfecting service utilizes special chemical disinfecting methods in targeted areas, focused on hand contact areas and surfaces just to name a few.
KBM's disinfecting service destroys bacteria with EPA registered disinfectants. Our disinfecting services are great against toxic and pathogenic spores, a full spectrum of bacteria, MRSA such as Staphylococcus- Staff Infection, E. coli and Salmonella, and many viruses.​

As part of KBM's disinfecting service with EPA "List N” of products for use against COVID-19, we utilize a tool in our arsenal called PREVENTX 24/7. Cutting-edge disinfecting technology at your service!


We also use other EPA approved chemicals for disinfecting. We will let you know which chemicals and disinfection method that we will use when we give you a bid for your disinfecting services.

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Most disinfectants kill viruses and bacteria within 10 minutes of use, but once the product dries, there’s no further protection. The cleaned surface will be re-contaminated. Do you have time for someone to be wiping your business surfaces every few minutes as new microbes contaminate it? PreventX 24/7 protects surfaces for up to 30 days with one monthly application.

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